About Selling a Colorado Business

Colorado Business Listings, with our partner Business World Brokers, markets on many levels starting with notifying our deep database that the business has come to market.  In our minds,  security and confidentiality are priorities, and we do not disclose details, including specifics about location, market, or anything more than a general description without having obtained a non-disclosure / non compete from any prospect. All files are kept in military grade secure storage accessible only by our team with proper credentials. Each client has “the boss” as his representative and we work hand in hand with our clients to attain their vision. It has always been this way and it always will. The combined efforts coupled with our well established and proven tools provide our clients with an edge in getting their business sold.

While we hope that you have created a long term strategy to sell your business, we know that in many cases sellers do not have an exit strategy built into their business plan. There are many reasons to sell one’s business that preclude prior planning. Planned or not, the Colorado Business Listings’ team is expert at valuation, outreach / marketing and closing the sale of businesses. We will ask the client a lot of questions, seek to understand the history and trajectory of his or her company, and through that understanding develop the opportunity picture for the next owner.


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