Colorado Home Water Leak Detection and Low Temperature Monitoring Installation and Service

Located for 17 years in the Colorado Mountains, this company is the leader in home leak detection and temperature monitoring.. The systems installed provide multiple critically located sensors throughout the home to detect leaks and shut down the home water system prior to catastrophe. The system also monitors home interior temperatures to avoid pipe bursts. When a leak or temperature drop is detected, the system notifies the homeowner or property manager of sensor alerts and the exact location of the fault. Major damage is averted.

Installations can easily be learned and do not require heavy exertion or great strength. The current owner has done no advertising and has no website. The next owner could make great gains in sales by initiating those two actions. The learning curve is reasonably easy, and training additional staff would be a smart next move to cover the expanding sales. Margins are high and price competition does not exist. This is an excellent ground floor opportunity. Growth potential is significant. Additionally, there are currently 380 very profitable Annual Service Contracts in place providing a reliable and repeating income source.

Asking Price: $350,000

2020 Sales: $184,188 2020 Cash Flow $119,448 (COVID 19 Impacted)

2019 Sales: $293,016       2019 Cash Flow $239,446