Colorado Mountains Water Leak Detection & Monitoring Sales and Service

Leak Detection and Low Temperature Monitoring equipment installations and service company. Business leader in the area for this service with little or no competition for many years. Close ties to HOA’s and property management, the company specializes in second home monitoring for damage prevention in Colorado’s High Country.

Installations can easily be learned and do not require heavy exertion or great strength. The current owner has done no advertising and has no website. The next owner could make great gains in sales by initiating those two actions. The learning curve is reasonably easy, and training additional staff would be a smart next move to cover the expanding sales. Margins are high and price competition does not exist. This is an excellent ground floor opportunity. Growth potential is significant. Additionally, there are currently 380 very profitable Annual Service Contracts in place providing a reliable and repeating income source.

Notes on Sales and Cash flow – 2019 Sales $318,600 / net $196,429. YTD 2021 Sales $93,739 / net $62,327, Projected Sales $220,000 / net $130,000 Average historical net 60%.

Asking: $280,000 2020 Revenue: $172,346
SDE: $95,489